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Meet the Dedicated Staff of Harvestowne.

Bob Miller


Bob opened the doors to Harvestowne Auto Body back on April Fools’ Day of 1983! He and his wife of 43 years, Kathy, built the building from the ground up; she was even the general contractor throughout construction. Keeping it all in the family became a trend as nearly 35 years later he, his wife and both of his sons (Jeremy and Rob) work daily at the shop, all happily fulfilling their roles in the family business. As a self proclaimed “2nd generation body shop owner,” prior to opening Harvestowne, Bob ran a body shop by the name of Walter’s for 15 years before taking the plunge, realizing he could certainly run his own; and good thing he did! Since then he has most enjoyed how passionate his family has become about working for and running Harvestowne. He loves working with them and visiting with his 3rd and 4th generation clients that “stop by all the time.” While it’s rare to think of much time he has away from the shop, when he can steal time, he is most certainly hunting, boating or fishing - if he’s lucky, all three at once!

“This business and helping those in need has always been my dream. Owning and operating something that you have worked so hard to see grow has been amazing. It was never my plan to have my entire family here but both of my boys have decided to work here and plan on running it themselves one day. That is my greatest accomplishment. Having something I could pass down to them.”

Kathy Miller

co-owner (aka - MOM)

Back in the day, when Harvestowne opened, Kathy’s responsibilities were much different than they are today. As you can imagine, back then, Rob and Jeremy (while Kathy would like to include Bob in that mix) were just kids! Most of her role, then, revolved around keeping the little ones from getting in the way. But now that Robby and Jeremy are all grown up, Kathy works full time at the shop as well. Married to Bob for 43 years and raising two boys, Kathy was also responsible as the general contractor in getting the building up and running for operation in the early 80’s. Working at an autobody shop is great! And aside from being alongside her family 24/7 - One of Kathy’s favorite perks is getting collision work done for free! Kathy’s experience knows no bounds. She has worked in positions ranging from architecture and corporate jobs to catering to her love of children as a school bus driver and working in cosmetology. Not being able to reach the gas pedal during her time as a bus driver, due to pregnancy, was her foot in the door to cosmetics training; later resulting in her becoming an instructor. “Now, every so often, I get caught doing haircuts for the boys in the shop… Not many people get to spend time with their kids like Bob and I do. We keep it real!”

Just when you thought Kathy couldn’t possibly have more to offer, she shares that she also excels in cooking, sewing, embroidery, singing and just about everything under the sun. She even recorded an album in Nashville; Super Mom! Bob won her heart on a date, back in the day, when the score of a street race read 1 to 1 (best out of 3) and he “put his girlfriend behind the wheel” for the final round. She settled the score as the sore loser brandished his taillights off the strip in a blaze of shame; that’s probably around the same time Kathy won Bob’s heart too.

Rob Miller

body shop manager

Rob started working at Harvestowne the year of “The Hailstorm” in 2002. While at Wyotech (in Laramie, Wyoming) a severe hail storm ripped through St. Charles as he was finishing the collision portion of his autobody education/training. He was called away from his last portion of training (Refinishing) when he got a call from Dad, “It hailed in St. Charles… Come home. You didn’t want to be a painter anyway.” For the next 8 months Rob was pulling all-nighters. He’s always been into cars and the prospect of working with his family made it an easy decision. After 15+ years at Harvestowne it’s the long-time customers, spending everyday with his family at the shop, the accomplished feeling of fixing something broken and bettering someone’s position out of something terrible that keeps him smiling.

About 10 years into working at Harvestowne Auto Body, Rob married his lovely wife Kayla on 9-10-11 (because who could forget that date?). They’ve started their family with a pitbull/shar-pei named Bruce, with whom they adore camping with as often as possible in their new RV, “Large Marge.” When hailstorms roll in, “long hours” is an understatement. “Dad and I live at the shop.” But that doesn’t bother him… “My greatest accomplishment is that I’m a very happy person and am extremely blessed to have a family both at home and in the shop that I love very much.”

Jason Bratcher

Collision Technician

Jason has been basking in the loving Harvestowne body shop for almost 4 years as a Collision Repair Technician. Jason’s start in the automotive industry is exactly what you’d expect: a classic love story between a boy and his Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars! Television shows with spinning wheels and sliding around corners were all Jason needed to stay happy as a kid. While his beautiful wife, Lorraine, 8 year old daughter Laurel and 22 year old son Josh harness all of his love and attention, you just can’t tear him away from cars. He still makes time for “car night” at least once a week with his guys to work on restoration and maintenance of all their hot rods and classic cars. To sum up Harvestowne’s culture in a couple sentences - “Good Atmosphere, Nice people, no drama. We can just concentrate on doing quality repairs and making customers happy.”

Much like he was born and raised in St. Chuck, his greatest accomplishment in life thus far is following suit and raising his children while teaching them along the way.

Patrick Hodges

refinish technician/ painter

Patrick, a St. Charles native, has been in the Auto Body industry for 20 years, and made his transition to Harvestowne about 4 years in, putting him at 16 years with his Harvestowne Family. For Patrick, it didn’t take much more than a few glances at photos of his Dad’s old cars when he was a kiddo to “wish he could have a muscle car like that someday.” At the young age of 14, he purchased his first car (1969 Camero)! With ‘a passion for making cars like new again,’ he poured a lot of blood sweat and tears into restoring it and hasn’t been able to shake the passion ever since. Patrick attended Lewis and Clark and since then has been enjoying the tight knit and relaxed Harvestowne work environment. Outside of the shop Patrick spends time with his 3 little ones (Collins, Wade & Lee) and his beautiful wife of 9 years, Dana. They all live in a lovely home that Patrick, himself, was the general contractor for! If not at the shop he can be found with his family boating, hunting and riding 4 wheelers.

A great memory - A ways back there was a body man that used to work at Harvestowne… Something caught fire when he was welding. Instead of yelling “Fire!” he yelled, “Water, water!”

A word to the wise from Patrick: “Yell ‘FIRE!’ if something’s on fire… especially in a body shop!”

Jeremy Miller

detailer/ quality control

May 14th, 2001 marks the official date that Jeremy joined his family in the Harvestowne body shop. Through playing racing games, breezing through Truckin’ and Mini Truckin’ magazines in High School and getting to car shows with his family as often as possible, Jeremy developed a deep passion for cars. Not only for cars, but spending time with his family was a major influence - “I love being around my family.” Jobs getting done with the highest of quality and on time is the status quo at Harvestowne, so it’s easy to get to enjoy time in the shop. Jeremy’s start was not in the automotive industry, though. He attended Linn State Tech for Heavy Equipment Operations. Moving to Jeff city to join the Union where his education could be recognized was not enough to trounce the pride and love he had for his family here at Harvestowne - “There was no way I was going to move away from my family.” When he’s not detailing cars and ensuring quality service, Jeremy is culturing himself through friendships he’s built with people all over the world, toying with car audio systems or enjoying the outdoors.

Nothing beats a customer with tears in their eyes, unexpectedly being treated so kindly and over delivering the quality of service, for Jeremy. In fact, that very sequence of events marks his favorite memory at Harvestowne; “They even hugged me!”

Oliver Vohson

Porter / Detailer

While growing up in St. Charles for most of his life, Oliver fell in love with cars in much the same way as many young men do— by getting hooked on a video game! This racing game that he and his friends would often play on the XBOX helped jumpstart him on a path that led to Harvestowne Auto Body. As a young man, if you didn't find him spending his free time at car shows, you would find him still working closely with cars as a washer. From those early days of washing cars to now detailing them at Harvestowne, Oliver has only just begun his journey. What drew him into our team was our relaxed atmosphere in which he could joke around with his coworkers. His favorite memory was on his very first day when Brad snuck up behind him and scared him, taking first day jitters to a whole new level. Since then, he has been welcomed to the Harvestowne team like family— even if Brad still sneaks up on him sometimes!

Oliver is a part of the Lewis & Clark program which provides students with the opportunity to explore their career interests while acquiring meaningful and supportive technical education. We are proud to have him on board!

Sam Bisanti

Auto Body Repair Technician

Though Sam has been with us since October 2018, he has worked in the auto body repair industry for several years and has all but grown up around the smell of automotive paint. Some of his earliest childhood memories include pushing his sister around on a dolly at his family’s auto body supply shop, as well as mixing paint alongside his father. His love for the craft grew when he joined the Lewis & Clark program during his junior and senior year of high school in which he furthered his training. What drew him to the Harvestowne team was our laid back atmosphere and the people who treat him like family. The first few days he spent with us, everyone was so happy and welcoming, and “that has not changed since.”

When not doing awesome work for us down at the shop, you can find him hunting, fishing, or working around his house and farm. His goal is to one day have a big, happy family that won’t have to worry about anything. “And, of course, winning the lottery would be cool too.”

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