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Dents come in all different shapes and sizes depending on what caused them in the first place. No matter how small the ding, give us a ring! The technicians at Harvestowne Auto Body will treat every single car with the same amount of precision, dedication, and attention to detail.

Our drive for perfection has allowed us to emerge as one of the premier auto body shops in the area. We perform dent repair on all different types of dents including…

  • Hail damage – Round dents caused by hail of varying sizes that fell at different speeds. Luckily, most hail dents are shallow and can be removed easily. After filing an insurance claim for hail damage repair, contact us for our high quality tools and auto body services!
  • Door dings – These pesky dents are very common and can be caused by other car doors, small objects, or pokes. Due to their typically small size, door dings are fairly easy to remedy.
  • Round dents – Round objects hitting your car can cause these dimple-like dents. Hail is the most common cause, but round dents can also happen because of baseballs, footballs, basketballs, etc.
  • Creased dents – These types of dents occur when a something strikes you car and is dragged along the exterior. Most often found on the side panels, creased dents might be caused by bicycle handlebars or even low bushes and tree branches.
  • Extreme dent damage – This type of damage can occur because of a minor car accident or when something large impacts the exterior. These dents can be characterized with large size, irregular shape, multi-points, and other significant features.

Our team‘s enthusiasm to help your car reach its maximum potential is unmatched in St. Charles, St. Peters, and Cottleville. Contact us today to make all of your dents and dings disappear!

Types of Dent Removal

For any type of dent, there are two different approaches that can be taken when addressing the damage to your car:

Traditional Dent Removal

  • This approach is a little more involved and means that the dents are straightened, filled, and then the panels are repainted.
  • Since there is more work associated with traditional dent repair, this can take anywhere between 1 and 2 weeks to complete.

Paintless Dent Removal (also known as, PDR)

  • This involves the auto body repair shop massaging the dent out from underneath the body panel.
  • PDR usually will take anywhere from a couple hours to a few days on average, but this is contingent upon the extremity of the damage.
  • PDR is the preferred method of dent removal because it allows for the original factory finish to be preserved. Go to our Paintless Dent Removal page to learn more!

Depending on the severity of the damage to your vehicle, complete replacement of the body panel could be a necessity. Bring your car into our facility to have us take a look.

Vehicle Drop-off Protocol

For dent removal and hail damage repair, you can drop off your vehicle on the morning of the scheduled repair. Our hours are 8:00am – 5:30pm, Monday through Friday.

If you would like to drop your car off the Sunday before your scheduled repair, we have a key drop-off box and envelopes on the door closest to the road, on the north side of the building. Every Sunday, a mechanic comes to the shop at around 5:00 pm. We prefer to keep our cars inside, so please do your best to get your car here by 5:00 pm so that it will not sit out overnight.

Contact Us for Dent Repair and Removal!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our number is 636-928-0082, and you can ask for Bob or Rob.

We Will Handle All Insurance Claims from Start to Finish

636-928-0082  |  4532 South Saint Peters Parkway, Saint Peters, MO 63304

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