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Collision Repair Services

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What to Expect with Our Collision Repair Services

Although no one wants to have it happen to them, auto collisions are an everyday occurrence. If you drive a vehicle, there is a likely chance you will be involved in some kind of accident with another car or otherwise damage your vehicle in another way, such as backing into a stationary object or scraping your door. No matter the circumstances, our collision repair team can give you the service you deserve and get your vehicle looking like new in no time.

Since 1985, Harvestowne Auto Body has provided collision repair and auto body work in the St. Charles County area. We have the right equipment and training to make your collision repair work look like the accident never even happened. We use a Chief EZ Liner frame rack with a Genesis Laser measuring system and a Hunter suspension alignment system when repairing auto body damage and can provide expertise like none other. The time and attention we give to each customer is at the core of our services, and we pride ourselves on the quality of our work.

Types of Collision Repair

Although damage to your car is often quite visible, the causes can vary widely, from a T-bone accident, to a fender bender, to a rear-end collision.

Whether you have just minor paint damage or something worse, our team can help you address numerous areas of concern, including but not limited to:

  • Bent frame – If you notice problems with other parts of your vehicle, such as improperly functioning doors or windows, you might have unseen frame damage. We can fix bent frames and address the hidden issues you might not think about following a collision.
  • Minor dents and scrapes – If the collision is minor, you might not notice the damage done. However, if you would rather your vehicle not show the dents and scrapes, we can fix the damage.
  • Fender reconstruction – A fender bender can stress out car owners even though the collision most likely happened at low speeds. Undoing the damage gives you peace of mind and retains your car’s value.
  • Auto painting – Scrapes and small dings, such as from another vehicle’s door opening and chipping your paint, may require touchups. Other times, a complete paint job may be in order. We do both.

Collision Repair Cost

If you have been in a vehicle collision, it is important to educate yourself about what you need to know about collision repairs. If you want to determine what you will pay for collision repairs, you first need to realize the full extent of the damage. This may mean assessing multiple areas of your car, from obvious problems such as broken or cracked windows to more hidden issues such as wiring and framing that might need redone or replaced.

Next, talk to professionals who can give you a price range for the repairs. Our technicians are experts at reviewing the damage a collision may leave behind and can give you a fair estimate for the work we can do. Our team specializes in unibody and large truck frame repairs, so no matter the size of your vehicle or extent of the damage, we can provide our knowledge and professionalism to fix your problem.

In addition to obvious frame or auto body repairs, you might find that you will need paint and detailing work done to restore your vehicle’s appearance. We have a full-service paint and detail department which can repair paint damage of any kind. Our 4,800 square foot paint and detail department includes highly specialized equipment such as a DuPont computerized paint mixing station and a Garmat downdraft with climate controlled spray booth with bake cycle. We guarantee paint match and also offer original equipment manufacturer (OEM) baked on refinish system to give paint that lasting shine everyone wants.

Collision Repair in St. Peters, St. Charles, & Cottleville

Contact the friendly, professional staff at Harvestowne Auto Body at 636-928-0082 to learn about our collision repair services!

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One word to sum this place up, professionalism. These guys did an unbelievable job walking me through the estimate and the cost analysis. They went out of their way to get my business. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

~ Matt Bail

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