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Our Process

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Auto Body Services in St. Charles County

At Harvestowne Auto Body, we feel it’s very important to educate our customers about our repair process. Since you’re entrusting us with your vehicle, we want to give you the confidence and peace of mind that we are taking good care of your valuable asset.

Damage Assessment

The first step in our process is to assess the damage done to your vehicle. Our “triage” department disassembles all the damaged parts to be replaced, and it examines the underlying parts for hidden damage. From this inspection, we create a “blueprint” for the work to be done on your vehicle, and we provide you with an estimate for the cost. This approach ensures a thorough assessment of the expected repair work, giving you the peace of mind that your estimate is fair and accurate.

Body & Frame Repair

After we have assessed your vehicle’s damage, we move it to our body & frame department, where we repair all damage done to the vehicle’s frame and structure. Using computerized frame-straightening equipment, we restore your vehicle’s full dimensions – length, width, and height – to the manufacturer’s specifications. Our computerized measuring system generates before-and-after reports to ensure accuracy and precision.

Once the structural damage is repaired, we fix or replace outer-body sheet metal per our initial damage analysis estimate.

Professional Paint & Color Matching

To prepare for a factory-style paint finish – and to duplicate the steps originally taken by the manufacturer – we first remove all exterior parts that are not to be painted, such as trim, moldings, head lamps, tail lamps, and name plates. This exposes the maximum amount of surface area on your vehicle, ensuring that every edge, seam, and joint gets painted properly.

The repaired areas are then primed and block-sanded, and adjoining areas are sanded as well to provide a completely smooth, level, seamless surface for the paint to be applied to. Finally, the vehicle is masked and completely covered to protect against “over-spray” as it enters the paint booth for refinishing.

Utilizing our computerized paint-matching system, we create an exact duplicate of all colors on your vehicle, even if they are faded due to exposure to the elements.

Once we mix the paint according to factory formulas, we spray your vehicle in our environmentally-controlled downdraft paint booths. The “cure cycle” then bakes the finish onto the vehicle at 180° F, restoring it to its original straight-from-the-manufacturer quality.

Once your vehicle leaves the paint booth, we reinstall all external parts originally removed in the paint preparation process, entirely free of paint over-spray. The end result is an undetectable repair that will maintain the value of your vehicle for years to come.


After all repairs are completed, we do a complimentary detail job on your vehicle. We wash your vehicle, including the engine compartment and all jambs. We vacuum the interior. We clean the glass inside and out. We clean the wheels and tires and apply tire dressing. We do this for you, our valued customer, so that your vehicle looks exceptional when you pick it up.

Once detailing is complete, we carefully inspect the vehicle to make sure it is ready for delivery. We review the original work order and compare it against the repair work, ensuring that nothing has been overlooked. We also check all aspects of fit and finish, including the following:

  • We ensure correct paint texture and color match.
  • We ensure proper alignment of gaps on sheet metal and related parts.
  • We ensure proper application of corrosion protection.
  • We ensure thoroughness of detailing.
  • We test-drive all structurally-damaged vehicles, or any that have had suspension repairs.

All these steps make sure that we’ve restored your vehicle to pre-loss condition according to rigorous industry standards.


At this point, your vehicle is ready to be returned to you. Upon your arrival, we walk you through all repairs made, and we answer any questions you may have. We present you with a copy of the final bill, along with a folder of important documents, such as a written lifetime warranty on all repairs, instructions for washing and waxing your vehicle, and a customer survey card you can use to rate our service and provide us important feedback.

We Will Handle All Insurance Claims from Start to Finish

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