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Auto Body Paint Repair in St. Charles & St. Peters

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Whether there’s a small scuff or large scratch in your vehicle’s paint, Harvestowne Auto Body can resurface and restore your vehicle’s paint to pristine condition. We have years of experience in repairing body paint on a variety of vehicle makes and models and can get your vehicle’s paint looking like new again.

Premier Auto Paint Repair Services

Paint nicks and scratches are often caused by flying debris from surrounding vehicles, bad weather conditions, and auto body collisions. When your vehicle’s paint needs to be repaired, our highly-skilled auto body technicians will restore your car’s paint to its original, perfect finish using the following methods:

  • Prepping and Priming for Color – before applying paint, we’ll clean the surface of your car until it’s smooth and fresh, and prep the repair area by block-sanding and priming the surface to ensure a smooth application. 
  • Color Matching – we use the latest paint-matching technology to ensure that the color is an exact match for your vehicle.
  • Environmentally-Controlled Downdraft Paint Booths – after mixing your car’s paint and ensuring an exact color match, we’ll spray your vehicle in our environmentally-controlled downdraft paint booths, which ensures that paint is seamlessly applied to your car and that your vehicle is protected from paint overspray and contamination.
  • Car Detailing – after spraying your vehicle with the specific color match, we’ll apply a finishing spray, followed by a final clear gloss to make sure that your vehicle’s new paint is not only protected, but shines like new. We’ll carefully inspect your vehicle and ensure correct paint texture, color match, and a flawless finish.

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Harvestowne Auto Body has served St. Charles and St. Peters since 1985. We are passionate about providing high-quality auto body repair services and can fix any blemishes that arise in your car’s paint, whether it’s a minor scratch or deep gash. If damage to your car’s paint was done in an accident, we can work with your insurance company to make sure that repair costs are covered.

If you would like to learn more about our auto paint repair services, or have questions about our other auto body repair services or our process, call Harvestowne Auto Body today.

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